A Late Post From July 16, 2018

After my car accident, I was scheduled to shoot background on two different TV shows, one of which I was handpicked for by the producer himself. When I had to call the casting company and withdraw from my bookings, I was crushed. My left forearm bore gruesome wounds, and my left thumb went from being heavily blistered and discolored to literally shedding its skin. There was no way I could be on set for any type of job because my arm and hand had to heal in order for makeup to be applied, and even photoshop couldn’t save me.

I am pleased to say that one month and 14 days after almost losing my life, I booked my first job back, which doubles as my first background role too! I had the opportunity to shoot the pilot episode for a show that will be airing on the USA Network. Many thanks to Grant Wilfley Casting for bringing me on board and making this possible. I met some amazing people, learned a lot, and fake partied my day away!

In closing, when I stopped stressing and started focusing on what was/is most important (my recovery), everything started falling into place. Never doubt God’s will for your life! He ALWAYS does what is right, even if we feel contrary. I had to remind myself that a set back in our eyes is a set up in His. #BeStillAndKnow


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