A Late Post From July 22, 2018

It is sooooo weird/humbling/flattering to see your work reposted, publicized, or put on display. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this shot by Jeff Butler is featured in The Motor House’s current gallery. The stars were clearly aligned because I was already set to head to Baltimore hours after I found out, and fortunately had the time to visit!

A few months ago I worked with Jeff and make up artist Dana Rhone, and we ended up shooting two killer looks. Dana’s ability to seamlessly bring his intricate visions to life is incredible, as well as Jeff’s efficiency and fluidity in capturing the perfect shots. They enabled me to add two different concepts to my portfolio that gave it a much needed boost and really helped to diversify my evolving collection. We all gained new flicks, but most importantly we established a solid working relationship rooted in respect, admiration, and love.

Baltimore will always hold a special place in my heart; particularly The Motor House. It’s gratifying to know that art is limitless as far as where it goes and who it touches. And to think that this is only the beginning! To Jeff and Dana, thank you for selecting me as your muse. To Motor House, thanks for all of the posi vibes and serving as a home away from home. Until next time guys. I love you!


To my fellow bloggers, be sure to check out The Motor House on Instagram, and to visit their website as well!




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