I do not like the term self-made. To use it as a Believer is essentially blasphemous. I am fully aware that my looks, my talents, my personality, and any other attributes I possess are gifts from God. Not only does He continue to bless me, He continues to pour favor into my life. You can have the greatest work ethic, the prettiest face, and know some pretty important people, but favor will take you places that nothing and no one else can.

The opportunities I’ve had in two short years of modeling/ a few months of acting are unreal. I sometimes direct all of my focus towards what I want to accomplish, that I don’t take the time to truly process all that I have. I came into this game as an adult with no experience, no portfolio, no reel, no connections, and no money. I started from the bottom using faith and determination as my fuel. I took notice very early on that my “what you see is what you get” demeanor mixed with my tenacity appealed to people in an industry full of superficial talent.

At 5’5″ (and NOT a runway model) I’ve walked in #NYFW, I’ve modeled for one of the leading cosmetic companies in the world (Make Up For Ever) as well as the Make Up For Ever Academy, and have worked with networks such as MTV, USA, and icons like Spike Lee. Not to mention I’m on the radar of my dream clients L’Oreal and Olay UK.

For me, the best part about having wild dreams is knowing that I am built to turn them into a reality. This time last year I was in no position to be booked for certain clients, let alone set foot in their castings. Yet, here I am, progressing and experiencing monumental moments. I’m not a top model (yet). I’m not raking in thousands every week (yet). But I know that despite the odds set against me, favor has got my back every step of the way. To GOD be the glory.


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  1. To God Be All the Glory for what He has done. . . And for What He Is Doing. . . And for What He’s About To Do. . . Just Do It Lord!!!

    She’s Ready.


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