August 17, 2018: Spike Lee

This past spring I attended the casting for Season 2 of She’s Gotta Have It, and much to my surprise, Spike signaled for me to come over to him as I was making my rounds in registration. He asked me what my name was, and told me to get tanner because the season was going to take place during the summer. I laughed and asked “So, when do you need me to get tan by?” He replied “Don’t rush it, just make sure your melanin really shows through.”

I walked away humored, but mainly in awe. I had just been (un)officially casted by the director/producer himself. And not only that, Spike was super nice! He shook my hand and hugged me, and was overall just a really cool dude. I was flattered and excited to be a part of his body of work; I didn’t care that it wasn’t for a principal role. I was anticipating getting my shoot dates right after we had spoken.

Unfortunately, I got into a car accident shortly after that. For those who haven’t seen my previous post regarding it, I almost lost my life; my car was totaled. I couldn’t kick it poolside or lay out on the beach because my wounds needed to heal. THEN, life did what life does, and I was asked to shoot for SGHI not even a week after my accident took place. I rejected the booking, and was crushed. I thought I wouldn’t get the chance to work with Spike again.

Less than 2 months later, I worked with him – twice! And not only that, I was able to chop it up with him at the Levi’s × Spike Lee event in SoHo last week. This picture captured him looking at my scars from the crash. We talked about my lack of a tan, we talked about who I am and what I do, we mutually agreed that I’m better off alive, and I spoke some things into existence. I’m grateful for good men like Spike, and I’m thankful for these moments. Being a creative has blessed me in so many ways. I cherish every single occasion that I can connect with amazing people who love life with their whole he(art).


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